FlowBiz Workflow Designer 3.51

FlowBiz Workflow Designer 3.51: Create workflow process documentation such as procedures and workflow routes FlowBiz Workflow Designer is a tool that is used to design the flow of activities in a workflow. Seamlessly bind both a flow chart diagram and workflow details together to help break Workflow Maps into easy to manage steps with so little effort. If linked to a FlowBiz Workflow Server database you unleash the power of FlowBiz Workflow Designer instantly creating live procedures, references, workflow guides or workflow automation outputs.

Microsoft Practice Exam 70-504 1.1_Online: Free practice test for Microsoft exam 70-504 (70-504)
Microsoft Practice Exam 70-504 1.1_Online

Workflows (14 percent) Create state machine workflows. Create sequential workflows. Select workflow authoring mode. Host a workflow and designer in an application. Initialize and manage the workflow life cycle. Modify a workflow at runtime. Communicating with Workflows (23 percent) Handle events from the host. Call methods on the host. Consume services from a workflow. Expose workflow as a service. Creating and Configuring Custom Activities (25 percent

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Aspose.Workflow is a .Net Workflow engine,The heart of Aspose.Workflow is built around the WFMC standard and utilizes XPDL definitions in order to manage workflow information. Aspose.Workflow is written in native C#, is lightening fast and works great with both web-form and win-form applications.

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Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit 3.0.0: No-code set of 140+ Activities for creating Custom SharePoint Workflow
Virto SharePoint Workflow Activities Kit 3.0.0

Virto SharePoint Workflow Kit - no-code set of SharePoint activities for creating custom Workflow using SharePoint Workflow Designer. Virto Workflow Kit can be used as an add-on for MS SharePoint includes extended activities for sending e-mails and SMS as well as messaging to Twitter, Jabber and Miranda. Virtosoftware expands the range of SharePoint activities, allowing for creating custom activity sets, and thus, more flexible customization.

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Virto SharePoint Worfklow Scheduler 1.0.0: Automatically runs SharePoint Workflow according to timetable
Virto SharePoint Worfklow Scheduler 1.0.0

workflow, e.g. start every hour, day, and week, recur it, etc. Key Features: 1. Start and run SharePoint workflow according to a schedule. 2. Supported triggers: daily on a specific time, weekly, monthly, one time. 3. Can initiate workflow on any SharePoint List within a single site collection. 4. Can start workflow for a single list item, any list, specific list or view, list item selected by CAML-query. 5. Allows running recurrent workflows. 6.

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Aspose.Workflow for .NET Aspose.Workflow is a .NET workflow component for automating business processes.
Aspose.Workflow for .NET

Aspose.Workflow is a .NET component which helps managing workflow applications for automating business processes and designing them in GUI mode. It provides a powerful workflow engine along with a full set of industry standard workflow objects. It supports participant mapping, WFMC standards for XPDL & WF-XML and further supports Microsoft Access, SQL Server Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL databases.

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BizCrypto for Workflow Foundation and SharePoint 7.1: Add support for SFTP, SSH, FTPS, PGP, PDF, XML security to your WF workflows
BizCrypto for Workflow Foundation and SharePoint 7.1

BizCrypto for Workflow Foundation and SharePoint lets you secure the data and internet communications in your WF workflows and SharePoint workflows. The product includes activities that support SFTP, SSH, FTPS, OpenPGP, SMTP S/MIME, PGP, PKI, PDF, XML security standards and protocols.

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